Head Explosion Effect

Overwhelmed? Express it visually with head blow up effect.

Sometimes people or events are so unbearable that we are ready to burst. Try a fun way to sublimate this feeling - create a ‘head explosion’ photo manipulation out of your face picture. Nice effect for a Halloween night, though.

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How you can use this effect

  • A creative way to say ‘My head is about to explode!’
  • Scary photo effect with exploding brain.
  • Head explosion photo effect for the Halloween season.

Your girlfriend is talking non-stop and demands your attention, while you are trying to concentrate on work? Your boss and colleagues are giving you more and more tasks, all with high priority? Your friends and acquaintances are bombarding you with silly messages and idle phone calls? Hmm, we’ve got an ingenious solution for you, which is much more effective than just saying “My head is going to explode!”

Make an emphatic picture using our ‘head explosion’ effect, which clearly expresses your state at the moments like these. This rather scary image will throw cold water on your irritator.

If you like horror movies and looking forward to make a spooky profile pic for Halloween, this brain explosion effect is just what you are searching for. A porcelain head with your face, catched at the moment of its explosion, with a stylized blood splattering around... Brrr! That’s definitely a scary photo effect.

Want to try on other scary looks? Well, we have a set of zombies, demons, vampires and monsters at our ’Scary Face Effects’ page. Attention! Children and people with delicate sensibilities are better to keep out.

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