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Hands over face photo manipulation

Do you like the ‘hands over face’ photo manipulations? To produce the same photography trick you need to blend two or three pics. But with you only need to upload a portrait - this creative photo effect will be ready in seconds!

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  • 'Hands over face' creative photo manipulation
  • Blending girl's portrait with a photo of her hands
  • 'Hands over face' free online photo montage

Sometimes your heart is more sharp-sighted than your eyes. The ‘Hands over face’ photo trick illustrates this idea in a stunning and unnerving way. These strange images with human faces covered with their hands and still gazing at viewers through flesh and skin are very impressive.

With the help of our online face photo effect you can instantly imitate this photo manipulation. Make creative pictures in the surrealistic photography style and amaze your followers with new trick images.

To the attention of all artistic souls! No longer you need Photoshop or any other sophisticated tool to design composite images. We have a special photo effect for all fans of double exposure technique. You should also check our rich collection of traditional and trendy photo filters and effects.

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