Heart Shaped Collage

Make romantic collage in the shape of a heart

Send a sunny surprise to your dearest ones and make them smile with this romantic photo effect for multiple photos. You can also combine the best photos of your love story in one touching collage in the shape of a heart.

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How you can use this effect

  • Heart photo collage with family photos
  • Photos of a couple in love combined in one heart photo collage
  • Funny love-themed collage created with heart collage maker

This heart photo collage for multiple photos is what the doctor ordered for those who want to make a cute greeting card any special date.

Is it time to congratulate your spouse, parents or grandparents on a family holiday, e.g., on birthday, Mother’s and Father’s day (or with no special occasion, just to raise their mood)? Take the best photos of each of your family members and arrange them into a lovely heart-shaped collage. In such a way you can combine the most precious photos into one image and create a unique greeting card.

February 14 is the holiday for everybody who are in love. Use this heart photo collage to create a cute card from your photos and gather the best moments together. If you like to look at the photos from your love story again and again, why not to give them a new look and a new shape of a heart?

It’s a good idea to make a heart shaped collage with travel and vacation photos and share them with those who went to a trip with you. Don’t be limited by one photo collage, be sure to look through our selection of Travel and Vacation photo effects.

You can also check out the other collage effects for multiple photos such as the ‘Smile Mosaic’ or the ‘Post Stamps’. And if you are looking for a love photo frame or romantic photo effect, see the ‘Love & Romance’ tag page. You'll definitely find something delightful there.

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