Arrange your photos in any shape

Create amazing shape photo collages from your photos and pictures. These online templates will combine many images in a shape of your choice: heart, flower, smiley, star, cat and many more.

Create shape photo collages with multiple pictures

Our free shape collage editor lets you arrange many photos into one gorgeous collage. You have a wide range of collage shapes to choose from.

Here you’ll find funny collages like a smiley or a ‘Playboy’ rabbit. There are also cute collages: a cat’s trace, a flower, a sun and others. If you feel like designing a love collage pay attention to heart-shaped templates and check the Chinese ‘Love’ hieroglyph as well.

If you need more ideas on how to combine many pictures altogether, is what you need! Because in addition we offer beautiful photo frames for multiple photos that can be used for the same purpose. Classical ‘Post Stamps’ collage frame looks stylish indeed. If you are looking for a more futuristic template, see the ‘Neon Cubes’ picture frame.

Besides, be sure to check the ‘Collage’ page that includes everything from shape collages and multiple picture frames to realistic photomontages for two and more photos.