Dreams of Paris

Let your love shot travel to Paris: replace photo background

Have you ever wondered what a photo would be like, if you change the background with Paris photo effect? Exactly, a romantic picture that can be used as a cute card on St. Valentine’s Day to surprise your loved ones.

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How you can use this effect

  • Change a photo background with this cute Paris picture frame online.
  • The photo background is changed to a romantic with vintage photo frame.
  • A girl's photo background has been replaced with romantic Paris effect.

Searching the web you come across lots of online picture frames and effects which help to transform a photo into a vintage card or mysterious image. If you face with a dilemma about which effect to use in order to change a plain and boring background into a dreamy and romantic, try out this Paris photo frame with the Eiffel tower.

By the way, if you need an unusual Valentine’s Day card, you can use this love photo frame to make a romantic e-card. Take a photo of your loved one and replace its background with a beautiful scenery depicting Paris popular attractions, including the Eiffel Tower, softly blended with rose flowers and some vintage elements.

This Paris frame will also come in handy if you decide to prepare travel invitations or design an invitation card for a themed party on February 14 (as well as any other day of the year).

Vintage Paris pictures attract everybody: photographers, travellers and even those who like to stay indoors, because they are just beautiful! Well... there are other cities and countries, you know. And if you like travelling and have a bunch of photos from different parts of our planet, be sure to check out effects and frames in Travel and Vacation category. You'll definitely find something amazing to enrich your photos.

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