Coffee Love Card

Coffee Love Card

Place your photo on coffee foam using this coffee frame. Make a romantic greeting card and share it with your loved one wishing to have 'a good morning and a wonderful day'.

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How you can use this effect

  • A love card is made with a romantic coffee frame.
  • Greeting love card with photo printed on coffee.
  • A love greeting card is customized with a photo of a girl.

Make a love card to congratulate your spouse or lover on their birthday, important event or to express your feelings. Use this online coffee frame to produce a good morning greeting card for your love mate, print it and add to a breakfast table layout.

Romantic greeting cards like this one with a heart latte art are also a perfect choice on Valentine’s day. Make a romantic Valentine card with a coffee cup, converting a digital photo to coffee art online. The template adds your photo on coffee froth with no Photoshop. With the Text option you can add your own words to turn the greeting image into a sorry greeting card (if you wish to say sorry) or into a thank you greeting card (if you need to say how grateful you are for the feeling you both share). Surely, you can also add warm love greetings.

Sharing digital greeting cards on her or his Facebook page is another good way to express your love and attention.

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