Loving Him

Flashback valentine for him with adorable Love Is comics

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How you can use this effect

  • A photo joke made in "love is" comics style by a lady for her husband.
  • Romantic photo gift for a guy made using "Love is" comic photo frame.
  • Custom Valentine's Day ecard for him made in "Love is" style.

"Loving Him" is a photo template that you may use as a love ecard to send your romantic message to your boyfriend or husband for occasions like Valentine’s Day. This romantic photo effect is a "love is" comic style photo frame where you can upload his photo and add your favourite love quote for him (or your own saying which expresses your personal definition of loving him). This love photo montage looks quite funny and creative - this is not just another i love you card with cats or flowers, but it's a really personalized valentine card with your own emotions. Input a sincere dose of creativity into a love card for your boyfriend, enter your words and get unique and funny love ecard in a moment. Show how much you care about his feelings. Find your own special words for "love is ..." lovecard template and impress him with a message touching his heart so deep.

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