Vintage French Book

Old French book and vintage postcards

It’s fun to see your portraits in an unusual surrounding, e.g. on an old French postcard. Our book photo frame for two pictures can instantly combine your images into vintage-styled photo collage. Just give it a try!

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  • Retro-styled love collage with young happy couple.
  • Vintage photo collage with two girls & a bike.
  • Artistic French photo collage with a girl & the Eiffel tower

With the help of our retro collage maker you can easily age your photos and turn them into vintage French ephemeras.

This online collage maker will place one of your images as an illustration in vintage book and turn another one into beautiful retro postcard. Then both pictures will be united into one stylish collage.

It’s a good idea to amuse your friends and your dearest one with a personalized photo collage that reproduces the old-look of retro French postcards. Make it as a gift or just for fun; in any case you'll come up with a stunning vintage image!

Fans of retro photography should know that there is a great collection of vintage effects and collages on

If you like beautiful cityscapes of French capital, change the background of your pics with the views of Paris. After the editing upload your images into our ‘Old French Book and Postcards’ photo collage to make romantic photo gift or leave the pics ‘as is’, with new background only.

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