Reflections in Champagne Glasses

Reflections in champagne glasses photo montage

Have you ever seen those original photographs when an object is seen as a reflection in a wine glass? With this online photo montage you can easily make a photo like this. Your happy photos and sparkling champagne are a perfect combination!

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  • Just married couple enjoying their honeymoon
  • A kiss through a glass of an elegant wine glass.
  • Bride and groom reflected in sparkling wine glasses.

We usually raise a toast with a glass of champagne to celebrate some happy event in our life: wedding, birthday, anniversary, newborn baby. And this sparkling wine from the Champagne region of France is always associated with joy and pleasure. We think this creative online photo montage with two champagne glasses will give you and your loved ones moments of pleasure as well. Because it’s just perfect for a personalized love ecard or a creative wedding card.

Select two photos and upload them into this card template. One, two, three - the perfect ecard for newlyweds or your Valentine is ready! This photo montage is ideal for photos of a love couple, yet you should have a separate photo of each person.

This online love photo frame for two pictures can become a salvation for a bride and a groom looking for wedding invitations ideas. They can simply upload their photographs into this template and get a beautiful invitation for marriage with their faces seen as reflections in toasting flutes. If you are invited to a wedding then you can make an outstanding greeting card with photos of engaged couple as wine glass reflections.

“Be my Valentine!” - say it in an original way, by making your Valentine’s Day card with this champagne photo montage. Two elegant glasses are toasting each other to produce a champagne splash in the form of a heart, and you with your beloved are reflected into these glasses. A marvelous picture!

We wish you many joyful moments. Remember to commemorate your special events with tasty sparkling champagne!

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