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Love is all around with heart bokeh photo effect

Send a wink with a cute love eCard to someone special in your life! You can easily turn a photo of your loved one into a romantic card with the help of this lovely heart bokeh effect.

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How you can use this effect

  • Love overlay with pink hearts adorns photo of a cute couple
  • Heart shaped bokeh added to romantic pic of a couple in love
  • Photo of an air-kissing girl adorned with heart bokeh effect

If you are far away from your loved one maybe it’s time to say how much you miss him or her. You can call or send a love card (if you do both it’s even better)! Find a cute photo of your loved one alone or a lovely shot with both of you and adorn it with this heart bokeh background. Transparent pink hearts will frame your image in a beautiful way and create romantic atmosphere. Be sure to add the words of love to the card with the help of the Text option.

If this love photo background is not the ticket in your particular case check other romantic effects on the Love & Romance tag’s page. Here you’ll find lots of dual photo frames and romantic backgrounds for those who are in love. You can also look through the collection of Wedding templates to make a Valentine card for your spouse.

We understand that not everyone are so into love frames. And here is a solution for those users: enhance the mood and coloring of your photos with filters. To that end experiment with the pick of Photo Filters and Effects. They are awesome!

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