Clown Face in Hole

Clown Face in Hole

Ever wanted to be a clown? Now you don’t need a suit or a face paint to make a colorful costume photo where you look like a real circus star. Clown yourself on birthday, April Fools’ day or with no special occasion, just for fun!

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  • Clown yourself online and for free
  • Realistic face montage transformed a man into a funny clown
  • Celebrate the April Fools' day with free clown face in hole

Do you want to amaze your children on their b-day with a funny transformation? Apply clown face paint and clown makeover and the greeting card for your kids is ready!

Actually you can use our free clown photo editor for different purposes: in addition to designing a colorful birthday greeting card, it’s possible to create a photo prank for the April Fools’ day, or clown yourself to amuse your friends and subscribers on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and other social networks.

This ‘make me a clown’ template can turn you or your friend into a real circus star. Just upload a face photo and get a funny pic in seconds.

However this is not the only face-in-hole template on There are lots of other face montages. So if you think you look cool as a clown, you might like to give a go to a ‘Nun’, ‘Navi Avatar’ or ‘Pirate of the Caribbean’. You can go further and explore many more funny and unusual effects that can help you become a vampire, gorilla or a even a Greek god.

Open and brighten up the day of those who are special to you!

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