Water Ripples Effect

Underwater filter with water ripples and air bubbles

Prepare to hold your breath! Submerge any photo under water with this freaky underwater effect. Get a realistic water ripple texture on your pictures with air bubbles coming from underwater.

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How you can use this effect

  • Apply water ripple texture to your photo online without Photoshop.
  • Add rippled water effect with water bubbles to your photo online.
  • Underwater filter with realistic water ripple texture.

Have you seen emotive photos of people submerged underwater with ripples on water and air bubbles coming from nose and mouth as if they pretend to be drowning? Now you don’t need to perform this underwater face up challenge to create a photo like this. Just hold your breath and apply this underwater filter with water ripple texture online without Photoshop. It will work well for any type of photography, though portrait photos will look most freaky.

Though such photos may seem strange or even frightening, it is quite safe (and will do absolutely no harm to anybody) to apply this rippled water effect with bubbles in water to somebody’s photo as a photo prank.

If you like this face under water effect, you might be interested in our other underwater photo manipulations. For instance, check an effect that turns your photo into a realistic half underwater scene or a photo manipulation that plunges your photo into tropical waters beside colorful fish.

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