Simple & elegant online photo frames

They say: "Keep it simple". Why not trying it with photo frames too? Sometimes an elegant touch is enough. We have frames for every photo "event": your kid’s birthday, your wedding day, New Year and Christmas holidays and more.

Free simple frames for your photos

On you can instantly adorn your photos with dozens of beautiful photo frames. Choose among a number of themes that include all kinds of holidays (Christmas & New Year, Halloween, St. Valentine’s day, etc), birthday, wedding, baby shower, vacation and many others.

Our photo frames suit every taste. E.g., we have funny cartoon frames for both sportspeople and cakeaters. Fans of science fiction will enjoy the stylish ‘Steampunk’ photo frame. Pet lovers should pay attention to a picture frame with playful dogs or to a colorful ‘Cat Footprints’ photo frame. There are also cool frames with motorcycles, cars, poker cards and sharp blades - all what a tough personality would like. A gentle soul can look at the cute ‘Spring Birds Song’ and ‘Rabbits in Flowers’ photo frames.

Here you can also find picture frames for one or several images. Use them to make personalized collages or cute birthday cards.

Be sure to check our collection of Amazing Photo Frames. These free online picture frames can turn your photo into a marvelous ecard, a funny animation or add an artistic overlay to your image.