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Have you thought of a gift for guys who’re missing Flappy bird game so much? Upload their photos into Flappy Bird template and surprise your friends with a Flappy Bird photo joke! Watch out! Flappy bird mania can become even worse!

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  • The picture shows two girls having fun playing Flappy Bird game.
  • Young lady's photo is decorated with Flappy Bird photo effect.
  • Photo frame with pixelated flappy birds with a photo of two little boys.

Flappy bird game formed the whole culture that includes a wide range of popular products such as keychains, toys, rucksacks with flappys, as well as new Flappy app clones and even funny songs dedicated to flappy bird. Some users compare Flappy bird to another top popular 'bird game' - Angry Birds. Both games are addictive yet completely different: first one is simple (at the first glance) whilst another demands a kind of strategic planning and looks much more brain challenging. There are even some funny sources which allow you to generate your own Flappy bird parody game using images of your friends, family, or maybe your boring professor and share it around.

Have you seen the latest Flappy bird jokes and probably you’d like to create one? Check out this Flappy bird online photo frame. By the way, it’s a great idea to contribute to flappy bird art and surprize real game admirers with this effect! Make a comic picture with you or your friend just in few clicks to show that flappy bird lives in spite of game obstacles. This amazing flappy bird photo effect is composed of green pipes and a few happy flappys flittering around the pic and of course a fun picture of somebody in the middle:) Hope you’ll enjoy creating flappy bird pictures and please your game mates.

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