Put your face on money bills

Money makes the world go round! Put your photo on banknotes of different currencies and make personalized money. This fake money generator can place your face on a dollar, peso, euro, etc.

Put your face on personalized money with the ‘face in hole’ banknote templates.

Sometimes we all are wondering: “How a good old dollar (or maybe a peso, euro, etc) would look if I put my face on money? Yep, all of us suffer a portion of megalomania. Of course, in real life only dictators and kings can put their picture on money, but today, owing to, everyone can make fake money with his or her picture just for fun.

You need to select a banknote among available money templates, upload your picture, wait a second and ta da! - money with your face is ready. Wanna try another currency? No problem, it’s like personalized money generator - change a banknote template and go on again and again. The results can be used as printable fake money for kids or play money for games like Monopoly. The sophisticated mechanism allows you not just to put your picture on money, but to align it with the original style and texture of every banknote (this will make your printable fake money look realistic and funny at the same time).