Turn yourself into your favorite animal

Funny bunny, fluffy cat or lazy koala? Turn yourself into your favourite animal with this special animal collection of face in hole effects. Let’s see what a cute little animal you’ll be!

How to transform into an animal without being a shapeshifter

Face photo montages are always fun. Still putting your face on another person’s body is so last season. Try something different for a change and turn your friend or yourself into a favourite animal.

All you need is a portrait photo. Just choose an animal and let this face in hole photo editor do its job. Is your love match dreaming of being associated with a lion - you can do better and turn him into the king of animals! And for those who are totally in love we have two-photo face montages - ape and feline couples. The latter is also great for best buddies.

Above all this it’s not just animal face in hole effects - it’s more like you were trying to morph into animal but the process was stilled somewhere in the middle. So a bunny, monkey, koala, cat or a tiger will have your face features. And no edges are seen.

Try out our collection of animal face makers now - more faunal forms are on the way.