Smart is the new creative: unusual photo effects & filters

It’s OK if you seek more than just touch-up filters for your photos. For you we have a very extraordinary collection of the most unusual effects. Here you can pixelate your picture, create a photo kaleidoscope or jigsaw puzzle and more.

Go smart with creative photo filters and effects

Being creative is never out of trend. But mix creativeness with intelligence and you are unbeatable! This rule is applicable to almost everything, including photo processing. And the success is easily achieved when you are armoured with some digitally ‘smart’ and unusual photo filters and effects. And those we have in plenty.

For example you can pixelate a picture. Yes, we know that usually you try to avoid annoying pixelation in photos, but doing it on purpose is so on-trend that you just can’t miss it.

Or how about our kaleidoscope photo effect? The number of colorful patterns you can get is infinite, since every photo you upload means an absolutely new result. Most often unpredictable. But it only adds to the fun side of the process, doesn't it?

Another filter well worth mentioning will turn your photo into a jigsaw puzzle. After the processing is finished your photo will look like an assembled puzzle, with typical visible edges of all pieces.

There are more ways to get smart with photos here, like imitating infrared filter, cross stitching a picture or going wild with neon photo effect. You can even turn photo to cartoon. On our site you have no limits, so use it or lose it!