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Our kaleidoscope filter multiplies symmetries which allows to obtain beautiful ornaments online. Upload your picture and create a moderately complex kaleidoscopic pattern without any complicated kaleidoscope photoshop tutorials. It’s easy and fun!

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  • Online kaleidoscope tool was applied to a handful of juicy berries
  • Create a magical kaleidoscopic image out of an ordinary photo
  • I designed a kaleidoscopic pattern of me practicing yoga

Have you ever played with a kaleidoscope? This toy can mesmerize and amaze children for hours, as they peer through the eyepiece to see ever-changing patterns of beautiful colors and shifting images. However, with our digital kaleidoscope generator, adults are sure to be fascinated as well.

Find a simple and fun way how to make a digital mandala from a photo using the online kaleidoscope photo effect. Mandala is a circular design that reflects the wholeness of the person creating it. Creating mandalas with our mandala generator helps to open up your inner creative and intuitive flow. It’s not only a funny photo effect, but also a simple, reflective, repetitive and creative practice which is super good for your brain, heart and soul.

If you are not interested in spiritual and ritual Indian symbols, you may use our kaleidoscope pattern maker just to entertain yourself and your friends. It’s also a good idea to generate a unique kaleidoscope piece of art out of your photo which can later be used as a Facebook cover image or a part of website design, in a handmade greeting card or an e-card. This editing tool will apply a kaleidoscope effect to your picture in a few seconds. Just upload your photo… and voala - you can enjoy this colorful kaleidoscopic ornament day or night. By the way, landscape or still life images suit this photo effect the best.

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