Frighten your friends with these scary face effects!

Monsterize yourself and create scary face photo in no time. Or apply these horror face effects to your friends’ portrait photos. Use these creepy photo manipulations on Halloween or without any special occasion, just for fun.

Scary and horror face effects that give you the creeps

Do you agree, that dark side heroes in some books and movies are also cool and attractive? Have you ever wanted to try on an appearance of a horror character? Your ‘make me scary’ request is carried out! On this page you can choose any transformation from a wide range of bogey face templates. Welcome to the world of scary funny effects!

Turn yourself into a sharp-toothed vampire, ever-hungry zombie or a black eyed demon. Cover your face with green lizard skin or crown yourself with red mutant hornes. Become a terrifying goblin or a funny big eyed alien in a couple of clicks.

You can even add realistic bruises and blood spots to your face. As you can see, this page includes a good collection of scary face effects that suit every taste!

But if you need even bigger variety of scary photo effects, here you’ll find a pretty big collection of Halloween photo effects starting from cute photo frames for kids like this one and up to horrifying face montages like this bloody zombie.

Here is also a massive pile of face in hole effects that can turn you into such tricky characters like Gollum, Devil girl and Terminator.