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Turn any photo into realistic half underwater scene

This amazing photo effect lets you create a half underwater photo manipulation by turning your photo into a realistic water-flooded scene. Go ahead and create a scene of a flooded street or even a half underwater selfie!

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  • Turn your photo into a half underwater shot online
  • Half underwater photo effect used to create a love card
  • Create over-under photos online on

Half underwater photos have many other names. Split-shots, over-unders, half-in-half-out or simply splits. To take such pictures in real life you should be quite an experienced photographer and most often use special wide angle lens. Let alone all the preparations and praying for a calm sea… But it’s totally worth it as those shots look extremely impressive.

But don’t be sad if you are not a pro and prefer staying indoors. Since there is another way to get a split. A much better one, because it allows you to turn any of your own pictures into a half underwater photo. Easily. And it’s all in this effect.

Portraits or landscapes, it will perfectly work for both. You will end up with realistic water-flooded scene or funny half-in-half-out selfie.

Be creative and check another split of ours, called ‘Tropical Underwater Paradise’!

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