Christmas Bauble

Christmas Bauble

Create your own online Christmas decorations! Red (green, orange or blue) Christmas bauble can be decorated with your photo easily and quickly. Choose a color and apply Christmas bauble template to make amazing ecards!

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  • Girl's photo in orange Christmas bauble made with Xmas bauble template.
  • Photo of a cat in a blue Christmas bauble processed with Xmas bauble template.
  • Christmas bauble card with online Christmas decorations and a family photo.

Christmas time is a spoffish period when you try to make ready all presents and cards for family and friends. And knowing that we'd like to save you some time. Sure, we won't be able to purchase presents on your behalf, but we can offer lots of online Christmas decorations for your photos. And ‘Christmas bauble’ template is one of them.

Put your photo in a Christmas bauble using this Xmas bauble template and make a perfect Christmas card online in a few seconds! You can easily design your own bauble: choose its color, upload your photo and apply Christmas bauble template. There are several colors for you to choose along with traditional red: your Christmas bauble can also be blue, orange or green. Depending on a color you pick you get a photo in that color theme. Then you can save the picture to device, share it or print. As an idea for your Christmas gift, there can be family members’ photos in personalised Christmas baubles.

If you love Christmas decorations you will like this holiday frame. Make sure that you saw all Christmas effects!

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