Put your photo into a picture with a celebrity

Chasing famous actors or sportsmen to make ‘celebrity and me’ photo or selfie is a challenging task for fans. Our celebrity montages & effects let you put your face next to superstars without pursuing them in real life.

Put your photo in a picture with a celebrity and get closer to the stars!

Have you ever dreamed about making a photo with your favorite celebrity? Putting your face next to a Hollywood actor or famous sportsman would surely amaze and amuse your friends! Since regular folks have a ghost's chance to get into a picture with a real celebrity, the team of designers created this celebrity photo editor. It allows everyone to make fake shots with famous people: movie stars, famous singers, politicians and others.

We provide a set of celebrity photo effects allowing you to insert your face or any other image into pictures with famous people and celebrities of all kinds. Our ‘celebrity and me’ fake photo maker includes celebrity ‘face in hole’-s like this photo template with famous One Direction group (feel yourself a participant of this legendary boys band) or this Kim Kardashian autograph session (put your face on a magazine that Kim holds in her hands). If you are a football fan, you can put your face on the Lionel Messi's undershirt: in this photo he is celebrating his goal. Don’t wait a minute, just put your photo into one of celebrity photo montages and post it directly to Facebook or Twitter to make your friends jealous.

By the way, these photo montages with celebs are good for April Fools' Day pranks. But if you want more photo effects to fuel your April Fool’s Day, check out this page.