Camera Lens Reflection

Get your photo reflected in camera lens!

Ever wished you could re-create a photo memory right in the camera lens? Now you can do this easily. Return to any moment in time by creating a flashback photo montage of reflection in camera lens using a photo from your collection.

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How you can use this effect

  • Turn any photo into reflection in camera lens online.
  • Put the focus on your love: reflect the shot of you two on camera lens
  • Online photo montage to get a camera lens reflection out of pictures

Of all types of photo reflections the reflection in camera lens is the most impressive. And though it’s quite hard to get the clear picture on lens when taking a photo, most often the results look ravishing anyway.

Still if you don’t want to put up with those blurry reflections and wish to get a clear picture on camera lens, use this realistic photomontage as a photo-processing hack. It will get any of your photos reflected in camera in the hands of a real photographer in seconds. You won’t even have time to make yourself a cup of tea… ;)

Sure you are free to experiment with each and every photo from your collection, but we should mention that from our experience this template works best for portraits and close-up photos.

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