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The vignette effect is often used to draw attention to the center of the photo. Here you can add the vignette filter to any photo in seconds. You can choose between white and dark vignette depending on your preferences.

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How you can use this effect

  • Free online vignetting effect with white and dark modes
  • Subtle white vignette is added to a little boy's portrait
  • An atmospheric landscape photo with vignette effect.

You can use vignetting effect, also known as ‘light fall-off’, to draw the viewer’s eye away from the distractions in the corners (e.g., other people, unnecessary objects, etc).

By adding a vignette filter a digital artist can create the cozy atmosphere of seclusion and draw the attention of the viewer towards the main subject in the frame. That’s why it’s the favourite effect for many wedding and portrait photographers who take love story photos.

It’s also a good idea to add dark or white vignette to portraits, images of single flowers or use this effect as a final touch to imitate lomography images.

As for landscape and architecture photos, photographers mostly get rid of vignetting effect as they need to leave the entire image clearly visible. But if you take a photo of design element (e.g., a chimera statue on the roof of a building) it’s once again a good idea to add vignette to photo. You can easily do it online with this free vignette editor!

The last but not least, if you want to design an unusual photo in old-look style be sure to check our Vintage and Retro collection of hipster effects.

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