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Apply cool tilt-shift effect to your photos

You can easily change your existing photos into tilt-shift style miniatures without complicated photoshop tutorials or expensive tilt-shift lenses. If a tilt-shift camera is also not within your budget this time, how about our online tilt-shift photo editor?

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How you can use this effect

  • Buildings are made to look like in a stunning fake miniature photography
  • Tilt-shift effect is added to the view of   moving trains on the railroad
  • Tilt Shift style allows to create an awesome 3D effect

Miniature Faking is a great way to spice up an otherwise dull shot. This special effect is sometimes referred to as a "tilt-shift effect" because of how the finished product resembles a photograph taken with a tilt-shift lense.

Tilt-Shift photography is a creative technique whereby a photograph of a life-size location or object is manipulated to give an optical illusion of a photograph of a miniature scale model.

This visual effect has recently become quite popular. The professional tilt-shift photo effect uses blurring and color saturation to make a real life scene look like a miniature model diorama.

To create tilt-shift picture, simply upload your image. Tilt-shift effect will be applied in seconds. However, note that not all photos are suitable for the tilt-shift effect. You'll obtain the best results with top perspective images: the street seen from a skyscraper, a landscape taken from an elevated viewpoint, etc. Tilt-shift photo editing tool is particularly effective with the pictures containing buildings, cars, trains and people in them.

Try some other stylish photo tricks and online effects like Double Exposure effect or Vignetting to make your images look trendy and unique.

You can do a wonderful job with our tiltshift generator. Whether you are a pro or a casual photographer, a tilt-shift technique should be a great new addition to your arsenal…and it’s free!

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