Tears Effect

Add realistic tears to a portrait

Make your photo look touching and emotional - add crystal-clear tears to your face. Leave Photoshop behind; instead apply the crying effect with an amazing ease.

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How you can use this effect

  • Tears are added to a face photo of a young Indian in traditional clothes
  • Realistic crying effect is applied to a portrait of a loving couple
  • Fake tears are added to a photo of a blonde woman without Photoshop.

Some people can easily cry a lake of tears if they want to make an emotional selfie with beautiful tears gliding down their faces. For others it’s hard to drop a single tear in front of a camera. If you are not a cry-type but you still want a touching shot, leave aside experiments with water and other liquids. Take photos as you usually do and apply our realistic crying effect after that.

Here you can easily add fake tears to your pictures without Photoshop or other complicated photo editors. Do it and amaze your friends and followers with your spectacular stage talents!

There are even more realistic face effects on Here you can make a zany photo joke: cover your model’s face with passionate red kisses. Follow this link to find out if you look your best with cute freckles on your cheeks. And on this page you can put on the colorful costume and clown face paint.

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