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Turn photo into an old negative with our retro frame

A proven way to become a star of the old film era is to apply our retro photo frame. Create vintage profile pics to cut through the clutter and amaze your friends and followers.

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  • Film strip border added to a blonde cowgirl’s profile pic
  • B-day greeting card for a pretty girl, made with cinema photo frame.
  • Photo of happy newlyweds edited with photo film frame

Your images are priceless: they help you recall precious moments and make loved ones feel closer. But you won’t look again and again through the images forgotten on your hard drive among other old files.

That’s why it’s a cool idea to adorn your photos with vintage photo frames (like this film strip border) and publish them online. We bet a pound to a penny that you browse through photos at your social profile more often than check files in ‘undusted’ folders entitled ‘old’, ‘data’ or just ‘my files’.

Here you can give a new life to your old photos, e.g., to turn them into throwback images, which look like old negatives. It is not a bad plan to unite resulting pictures in a spectacular retro album and publish it on your social profile.

Not a fan of thematic albums? Then you can use this film frame to create retro posters, old-timey profile pics and stylish greeting cards that look like an old cinema frame. You’ll definitely make a few decent images to variegate posts on your wall.

If you are after more of vintage effects, be sure to check this collection of cool retro effects.

You can also follow this link to browse through a pick of unusual photo filters that will gently suggest the mood of your images.

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