Phone in Hands

Phone in Hands

iPhone photo frame is an online free tool to turn your picture into a photo on virtual iPhone. Bring some creative reality to your photo with first person camera view using this iPhone photo template.

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  • Every portrait is unique, especially from the first person view.
  • Girl's photo on virtual iphone created using unusual photo template.
  • Romantic pic in iphone photo frame looks like a real mobile photo.

Do you have that strange feeling that something is missing in your photo? Like it needs more creativity and a kind of ‘history’. We have an unusual photo template right for this purpose! iPhone photo frame will place your photo on the screen of the mobile phone which is held by somebody - whether it’s you or not depends on the history you’d like to tell.

iPhone photo template gives a feeling that the action on the photo from virtual iPhone takes place right here and right now. This first person camera view shows the juxtaposition of the detailed picture on the phone screen and its blurry version as the background. This type of iphone photography became very popular among instagrammers and people who like unusual photo shots.

Now you can make a photo with any camera and introduce it like a double-captured photo taken with iPhone. It’s your opportunity to bring something special and new to your photo, so don’t hesitate to try it!

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