New Year Book

New Year Book

The winter season is the time when magic is in the air! Just the right time to make some Merry Christmas & Happy New Year cards with a touch of Christmas mystery! Add some magic to your photo too, using this vintage New Year frame.

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  • A handsome man's photo has been put into vintage Christmas card.
  • Vintage frame is decorating a photo of a couple.
  • An attractive girl was put into a New Year Book template to make this amazing christmas card.

Say goodbye to the old year and welcome a New Year 2020 with amazing New Year Book template.

When you finished all Christmas preparations and gave a sensational seasonal appearance to your home, it's high time to choose some gifts. It goes without saying that the best of all gifts around any Christmas tree is the presence of a happy family all wrapped up in each other (as Burton Hillis said). Family traditions are an important part of everybody’s life, helping us feel connected and important. Here is an idea on how to make your own Christmas story. Use our retro and Christmas effects to edit your holiday photos in a single style and arrange them in one festive album. As a nice finishing touch be sure to apply this Christmas and New Year Story Book effect to your best photo, thus creating a wonderful album cover.

Christmas is a special time thus it calls for special stories. The Merry Christmas card can raise the Christmas magic of unity, love and family happiness and boost the Christmas spirit of every family member. This cinnamon photo frame will magically elevate your holiday mood with its traditional Christmas decorations: cinnamon, anise, spices, apples, snowflakes, tree branches and an old Christmas book.

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