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New York City is like a small universe, which promises an unforgettable adventure each time you visit it. Penetrate your photos with the spirit of NY using this online background changer.

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  • Cool boy in a baseball cap visiting New York.
  • Young couple enjoying their travel to New York City.
  • Trendy girl’s photo processed with New York City background editor.

New York is the largest and the most populous city of the United States of America, with endless opportunities, breathtaking views and vibrant nightlife. It’s one of the world’s centers of finance, shopping, art, culture, fashion, education, and entertainment. In the wake of this city’s history and life we’ve designed this fabulous photo effect.

The Statue of Liberty, Brooklyn Bridge, enormous skyscrapers - these NYC must-sees form the main theme of this photo background. Colorful night lights and bright full moon in the sky are a finishing touch. This is our recipe of a perfect American-style photo frame.

Infuse NY spirit into your shot with one click: choose a photo from your device, Facebook album or paste an image URL and that’s it! The result is worthy of being your Facebook, Twitter of Youtube cover image. Frame your portrait picture with our New York background photo editor and get a stylish and romantic photo at once, where you are seen as a true New Yorker.

Times Square is one of the best New York City attractions, and you can virtually place your photo at its huge billboards with this photo collage frame.

And if you are hell-bent on travelling to famous cities, you might like our Paris Photo Background, London Bridge frame, Tokyo template and the whole ‘Travel & Vacation’ photo effects page. So keep exploring, as more great finds await you in the world and at!

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