Blue Snow Bokeh Effect

Snow-shaped bokeh to any photo!

Add magical blue bokeh background to your photos and see how dozens of glittering snowflakes turn your pic into a beautiful Christmas card! Try creating an amazing profile picture with falling snow sparkling all around you.

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How you can use this effect

  • Young girl adds a blue bokeh effect to her holiday photo for free
  • Winter portrait of a cute little girl is edited with blue bokeh effect
  • Blue lights background elevates the festive spirit of a photo

Use this blue bokeh effect to add snow to your images. Now it’s easy to recreate a winter wonderland atmosphere in your images: to do that just apply this blue bokeh background with sparkling lights and enjoy the new festive look of your pictures!

Also you can use other snow effects on to add a touch of winter to your images. Сheck the ‘Falling Snow’ photo effect, which adds a funny animated snowfall to any photo. Pay attention to the ‘Snow Effect’ that can adorn any pic with realistic snowflakes as well as add semi-transparent bubbles of white snow bokeh to your photos.

There are also other unique photo effects that let you add bokeh effect to photos: the ‘Christmas Bokeh’ background and the ‘Light Bokeh’ online photo effect.

See the images above to find out how easily this blue glitter background turns ordinary photos into amazing Christmas cards!

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