Transparent Photo Calendar 2016

Transparent photo calendar template for year 2016

Need a truly special calendar for the year 2016? Use our photo calendar maker! Your photo is set as a background with a light haze and a grid above it, so it’s better to choose pics without small details - landscapes or closeups.

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How you can use this effect

  • Lovely poppy flowers’ photo was used to  design this personalised photo calendar.
  • Gorgeous picture of a blond girl with curls was put into a photo template to make a pretty calendar.
  • Customizable photo calendar template for Christmas and New Year 2016.
Generate your own photo calendar

Let’s create a transparent photo calendar for the coming year to go about your daily activities and to take control of your deadlines. You can make a beautifully designed photo calendar totally free. With cute portrait pictures and natural landscapes it’s pretty easy to individualise your calendar. Just upload an image and in a matter of moments a personalised calendar is ready.

A photo calendar creator overview

There are several options for uploading pictures: from computer, by URL or from Facebook. So, it is far more convenient for a user to get to the right image. Additionally, the service provides several adjustable options after the photo has been processed. Note, however, that a photo is placed as a background, and the calendar grid is overlaid above. Resize tool helps to leave only one object in a picture. The second tool adds text so users can express their thoughts as well as feelings with words. The last one is for watermarking images, you can remove it.

Online photo service helps design both digital and printable calendars. Moreover, it is possible to create a wall and a pocket calendar.

A few ideas on using

Our photo calendars are a great way to welcome the New Year and even a new school year or get prepared for Christmas. Of course, it is a nice present for birthdays, anniversaries, any occasion. Choosing or creating a present always requires your imagination. Give it a try and apply customizable calendar template to your photos! To make your calendar special simply add one of our Stylized Effects, for example, Blue Snow Bokeh Effect, Snow Effect. Take a look at our other Photo Calendar 2016, if you like to generate the whole 12 months calendar set with your photos.

Now you can share it with your folk. And don’t forget to tell your friends about us :)

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