Photo Calendar 2016

Photo calendar template for year 2016

Make up a stunning calendar for year 2016 with your photo online. Design either a set of monthly calendars or a yearly photo calendar and get a memorable gift.

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How you can use this effect

  • Custom photo calendar with a picture of a family made for free.
  • Make a personalized photo calendar online to be more organized.
  • A portrait photo calendar made with personalized editing tool.
Calendar maker helps to generate a photo gift

Do you like to present calendars? In fact, your friends would love to receive a stunning calendar from you. Give it a try and design an amazing photo calendar 2016 online. This way, you’ll be remembered the whole year long. So, pick photos to create a custom calendar that makes your friends think of you.

A yearly and a monthly calendar mode

This online calendar maker provides two forms - monthly and yearly, thus a user can choose one to his liking. Beautifully designed template adds a calendar grid below the photo, so that a picture is clearly seen. It is up to you what kind of image to pick: portrait, landscape, macro, travel, fine art, whatsoever. Just a few clicks and an amazing photo calendar is ready.

Transform a photo with calendar creator

In the light of Christmas holidays everybody is waiting for a special gift. And you can do your best to make it perfect. It’s easy and fast to make a calendar, if you have a right photo. But, if you like to personalize an image somehow, another key point is to use Background Effects. Applying filters also takes a little time. Eventually, the photo calendar is a nice way to share special memories with folk, whether they are your friends or relatives.

Try this easy-to-use tool for designing online photo calendar with your snapshots. Do something original, enjoy making things up, bring joy and happiness to those who surround you!

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