British Pound Sterling

Get on a 20-pound banknote right away!

Design your own unique £20 note! Add your portrait to the banknote template and become the new Queen Elizabeth II, wearing a charming diadem. Print the result out and enjoy exclusive play money!

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  • Funny queen as a symbol of British pound.
  • An unusual specimen of twenty pounds banknote: fun and dreamy.
  • Twenty pounds sterling note with Japanese girl’s face.

The Bank of England finally determined who should appear on the next 20 pounds banknote. And it is… You! Yes, you’ve read it right. And now, if you are curious to see what the new note looks like, upload your face photo, wait a few seconds and here you are! You are the British queen with royal diadem on your head.

Ok, that’s a joke, but you can have a good laugh at it with your friends. Put your friend’s face photo into this 20-pound face maker and post it to his/her Facebook timeline. The result will look pretty realistic, as the banknote has authentic security features and the face is inserted smoothly in a hole for it. Many likes and comments are guaranteed!

If you are a fan of table games, then the 20-pound note template can be of assistance to you too: create a virtual image of the 20 pounds sterling banknote and print out as many specimens as you want. We also suggest to visit our ‘Money Templates’ page for those who prefer to have other world currencies in their game, like the popular US dollar or the exotic Colombian peso.

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